VMR Paints is leader in vintage Honda paint restoration technology. We use only the very best premium urethane refinishing paints and products.  Made from the top grade pigments and advanced acrylic urethane technology.
Our urethane candies and solid paints are ALL CUSTOM MIX by our experienced staff to match the original Honda preserved OEM color. Candy paints will provide an amazing deep metallic long lasting finish with professional results. If your looking for Candy  Colors  or  our  all   new  Spray  Can
coverage, our Vintage  Restorations paint kits come with everything you will need to produce a professional high gloss deep chemical resistant finish.

PAINT CODES: There are NO PAINT CODES developed or used by Honda for any of their automobiles or motorcycles prior to 1982. It was after this period they began using the international paint code system that is similar to what is use today. 
Old Honda Paint has been supplying Vintage Honda paint to many satisfied enthusiasts restoring their old Honda motorcycles. Affiliated with Vintage Restoration and Honda CT70 Paint.